Weight loss

How do diet pills work?

How do diet pills work?

On the face of it diet pills seem like an easy answer to losing weight, but not all of them are proven effective or safe to use. Only one is approved for use by the NHS and many of the weight loss supplements available to buy online are unregulated. In this blog, we...
How does Orlistat Xenical work?

How does Orlistat Xenical work?

Orlistat is the only licensed drug in the UK for weight loss. It’s designed to be used by people with a BMI over 30 as part of a weight loss management plan. The active ingredient works by blocking fat-absorbing enzymes, but for it to be effective, it must be...
What are the best ways to lose weight

What are the best ways to lose weight

To lose weight you need to consistently burn more calories than you’re taking in. Your calorie balance should be a negative figure. It’s helpful to think of it like this: Caloric intake – calories burned = calorie balance If you are trying to lose...
How Does Orlistat Work?

How Does Orlistat Work?

What Is Orlistat? Orlistat pills, sometimes referred to as ‘Alli’ or Xenical, are a weight loss aid that, when combined with changes in eating habits, improved nutrition, and an increase in physical exercise can help to maximise the effects of weight loss routines...
How To Work Out BMI

How To Work Out BMI

How To Work Out BMI To maintain a healthy weight, you first need to establish whether you are overweight, which means you need to know how to work out BMI. By working out your BMI you will be able to determine what a healthy weight would be for your body type. This is...
When should Orlistat be taken?

When should Orlistat be taken?

Throughout our lives, all of us can likely name a point in which we can relate to being a little overweight. While most weight loss can be controlled by exercise and our diets, weight gain at a high level can lead to obesity, which isn’t always as easy to control....
Which Weight Loss Pills Really Work?

Which Weight Loss Pills Really Work?

At some point in our lives we have been guilty of putting on a bit too much weight as a result of going through a tough time, being stressed or simply due to overeating. Luckily, there are countless ways you can shift unwanted fat, such as having a regular exercise...

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