The morning after pill is suitable for most women, but as with all medication, you should check first with your GP or pharmacist before you start taking it.

If you choose to buy your emergency contraception online, we will ask you a few quick questions first, and your answers will be reviewed by one of our team. Our pharmacists only prescribe medication to customers where we feel it is safe to do so.

The morning after pill should not be used if you are already pregnant – these medications will not terminate a pregnancy. If you think you are already pregnant, you should speak to a GP or contact your local sexual health clinics.

If you are taking the pill (combined or progesterone-only), you can still use emergency contraception, but be aware that the morning after pill may interfere with your regular pill. Always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medication – it contains advice on how to resume your usual methods of contraception.

Although all of our content is written and reviewed by healthcare professionals, it should not be substituted for or used as medical advice. If you have any questions about your health, please speak to your doctor.

Authored Jan 10, 2022 by Joseph Issac, MPharm
Reviewed Jan 10, 2022 by Prabjeet Saundh, MPharm