Fluoride 5000ppm
Fluoride 5000ppm

Sodium Fluoride 1.1% Toothpaste

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Sodium Fluoride 5000 ppm Toothpaste contains the active ingredient sodium fluoride 1.1% and is only available on prescription. It helps prevent tooth decay in those aged 16 years and older and is particularly useful in patients who are at risk from multiple caries.

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    What is Fluoride 5000 ppm Toothpaste?

    It is a prescription treatment available containing Sodium Fluoride at a higher concentration of 1.1% w/w, compared to a regular toothpaste. The increased content of sodium helps tooth mineralisation and helps prevent dental caries.

    How to use Sodium Fluoride Toothpaste?

    It should be used three times a day for brushing your teeth after meals. You should brush your teeth vertically from the gum to the tip of the tooth for about three minutes and spit out excess foam. Do not swallow.

    What are some of the cautions associated with its use?

    You should not get Sodium Fluoride Toothpaste if you are allergic to sodium fluoride or any of the other ingredients.

    You should talk to your doctor, dentist or pharmacist before getting Fluoride 5000ppm Toothpaste Online as it has a high fluoride content and your total intake should be assessed before using it.

    Fluoride tablets, drops, chewing gums, gels or varnishes as well as fluoridated water or salt should be avoided when using Fluoride 1.1% Toothpaste.

    If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or intending to become pregnant or start breast feeding, you should seek medical advice before taking this treatment.

    What side effects are associated with Sodium Fluoride 1.1% Toothpaste?

    Like all medication, there are certain side effects associated with its use but not all individuals will experience this. Please report any side effects you experience to your doctor, dentist or pharmacist.

    You should always read the patient information leaflet before taking this medicine.

    Can I take other medicines with Fluoride Toothpaste?

    There are no known significant interactions with other medication. However you should always tell your doctor, dentist or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken or used any other medicines, including prescription, over the counter and herbal medicines.

    Can I eat and drink straight after taking Fluoride Toothpaste?

    Eating or drinking immediately after brushing your teeth may reduce the amount of tooth mineralisation so it is best to brush your teeth with Sodium Fluoride 5000 ppm Toothpaste after meals.

    Fluoridated water and salt should be avoided whilst using this toothpaste.

    What if I use more Sodium Fluoride than I should or have swallowed the toothpaste?

    If you swallow a large amount in error and you experience digestive problems such as feeling sick, diarrhoea or pain in the stomach or abdomen then you should seek prompt medical attention.

    How do I store Fluoride 1.1% Toothpaste?

    This treatment requires no special storage conditions.

    You should keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children.

    Do not use this toothpaste after the expiry date stated on the tube and carton.

    The expiry date refers to the last day of that month.

    Discard 6 months after opening.

    Replace the tub cap after use.

    Where Can I Find More Information On Sodium Fluoride 1.1% Toothpaste and Tooth Decay?

    Before buying Sodium Fluoride Toothpaste online, you can read the patient information leaflet (PIL). You can find more information on Tooth Decay here.

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Authored Aug 01, 2021 by Joseph Issac, MPharm
Reviewed Sep 15, 2021 by Prabjeet Saundh, MPharm