Around 10 million adults in Great Britain smoke. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance causing feelings of pleasure and reduced anxiety through the release of dopamine and noradrenaline.

Nicotine acts very quickly, reaching the brain within 10-19 seconds. In addition to the physical addiction caused by nicotine, there is also an element of psychological and behavioural addiction towards cigarette smoking, which makes it even more difficult to quit.

How to stop smoking

If you’re trying to stop smoking, you’ll know that there’s a whole range of different techniques people use to give up. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, and not all of them are going to work for everyone. Whichever technique you use, a prescription medication like Champix can really help- and now you can order quickly and securely online with PostMyMeds!

All you need to do is visit the website, select stop smoking treatments and choose Champix from the list of treatment options. Once you’ve filled out a short consultation form, our clinicians will be on hand to ensure the treatment you have selected is safe and suited to your needs. This process takes a matter of minutes to complete, and most of the time we are able to dispatch the medication on the same day, meaning your medication could be on your doorstep in little more than 24 hours- all without having to fit a visit to your GP into your busy schedule!

Ordering stop smoking medication easily

The PostMyMeds website is easy to use and designed with the needs of the patient in mind. This is why we created a repeat ordering feature- to save you even more time during your busy schedule. Simply login to your account and reorder the treatment you require for a quicker and more streamlined checkout process. If you have any specific questions about Champix, you can click on the live chat window on the website to get convenient and professional healthcare advice at the touch of a button.

Champix is a prescription-only medicine that will dramatically increase your chances of success when it comes to giving up smoking. The tablets simply work by relieving the craving and countless withdrawal symptoms that can make it so difficult for some people to quit. For it to work, you should start taking Champix up to two weeks before your quitting date. During this time you can continue smoking, but you should ensure that you try to stop on your designated quitting date. Should you smoke after this date, begin the process again until you eventually no longer feel the need to smoke to relieve stress. The starter pack is available for just £49.49, and is designed to enable you to steadily increase the dose of Champix you consume.

Above all, if you want to stop smoking, as well as knowing how to stop smoking, you need to make the relevant changes to your lifestyle to help you resist the temptation of having a cigarette. Whilst reminding yourself why you made the decision to give up smoking can help you, creating a plan or turning to Champix tablets can significantly increase your chance of success.

Although all of our content is written and reviewed by healthcare professionals, it should not be substituted for or used as medical advice. If you have any questions about your health, please speak to your doctor.

Authored Aug 08, 2018 by Thomas Hall
Reviewed Jan 09, 2019 by Prabjeet Saundh, MPharm

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